Saturday, December 29, 2007

We Three Volunteers, Aru VOICA

Fausto, Me, Luca

We had an odd (for me), but beautiful celebration of Christmas here in Aru. I wish you all joy and hope as we begin 2008!




The Medina's said...

do people in Aru celebrate the same way we do? Merry Christmas and HAppy New Year
Jen Medina

Barbara said...

Hello Ms Patricia...and Happy 2008!

So, after your name kept coming up in conversation (2x) in the last two days, I've finally decided it was time to sign on and say hello! Jimmy commented at church last nite about a singer in the choir "she looks like Ms Patricia". And then Joey was talking about our Chocolate fondue party for Valentines Day last year and if we were going to do it again this year...and we all thought of you again!!

Can I send you a pic? I have the Escuela 5th Grade Graduates w/Fr Tom from last June...just after you left...and they look so grown up!

We think of you often and hope our prayers are finding their way to you across the pond.

Mary Clare is doing well in French this year...although it's a bit easy for is your French these days??

All of us are healthy and growing in many different ways. Can you believe I'm working at our church in the Sunday Morning School and Sacramental Prep Program!! Long story...

Will we see you on your next visit to Denver...would love and welcome your company if you need a place to stay!! Please keep us in mind!

That's all for now...hope this msg finds it way to you...our love and hugs to you, Barbara, MaryClare, Jimmy, & Joey :))

bunny said...

Dear Tricia,
I was so happy to see the great picture of you and your friends. I hope all is going well for you!!
My family thinks about you all the time and we pray for you too!
We had a great surprise vist from our son and his family at Christmas.
Take care and God bless you!