Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update and Note About Donations to VOICA

Hi Everybody!

I returned Tuesday night from a delightful, four-day stay on the Western Slope. It was wonderful to be with family and enjoy Colorado's beauty.

I've been busy with goodbyes, packing and the many details of making arrangements for my departure. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in doing this. I plan to leave next Wednesday, June 6. My flight will go to Paris via Montreal, Canada. From Paris, I will travel by train to visit the city of Lyon and then spend a couple days with my friends Thérèse and Paul in Annecy before taking the train to Rome on June 11. VOICA formation will begin June 13.

I wanted to let all of you who wrote checks to VOICA, that I am going to carry the checks with me to Rome where they will be deposited. This was what Sr. Pat, the VOICA director, recommended. I'm sorry for the delay and hope it won't upset the balance of your checkbooks. Thank you again for your generosity. Much good can come from your contributions.

I got news yesterday of an offer on my house which should be given to me in writing this afternoon. I pray that all goes smoothly and the house will sell, God willing.

I hope to be in Rome the next time I write.

Peace to all of you,



jam52772 said...

wow, I can't beleive how fast the time is flying by! I am so excited for you, good luck with the sale of your home!

jam52772 said...

well I know your on your way to your future, just wanted to say good luck and take lots of pictures!!!!Ryan and the kids said have fun!!!!